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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Lesson 16 Awareness


Dear Everyone,


First I would like to say I didn't know much about spiritual awareness until just recently when I took a Holistic Course and realized how much negativity and toxic relationships and situations I had been into.   Now that I am still healing, I suffer with great exmulted pre-existing conditions with Plax cirrhosis with severe RA and Fibromyalgia.  Now I am hollding my own after my divorce and my daughter's situation is none existing (My daughter and I have a very close relationship right now, after the child custody her father doesn't even call) however; her MeeMaw which is his Mother, we keep in touch through out the years. . The Spiritual psychology is a new subject for me and I am still learning through the grace of God and our Lord Jesus Christ:


Spiritual psychology will support the choice to learn through wisdom, the choice to release patterns of negativity, of doubt and fear that are no longer appropriate to who we are and what we are becoming.  It will make clear the relationship between the personality and the soul, the differences between them, and how to recognize those difference


I have filled out some of the questions, however the rest I can file out the rest at a later date.  I loved all the material through out the course:


1.            Take a free day and devote it to finding out about the ways you fill the emptiness in your life.  It is best to do this when you are alone, or undisturbed by others.  Do not watch television or listen to the radio.  This is a time to be with just you.

Right now TV is the entertainment I get and sometimes I have a friends who call occasionally.  Friends have their own lives.  Thank God for Facebook.

I don't feel that I am alone.  My parents and I had decided to move bac in together so My Mom wouldn't have to up and down the road so many times. With my conditions I can drive.  My Dad is very ill and we had to consolidate 2 homes and move 2 homes with a lot of help. 

So far now I am grounded, meaning I live day in and day out with my parents taking care of my Dad.  

2.            Plan to do absolutely nothing!  Keep a notebook or your Journal with you to note down some of your experiences for later contemplation.

Keeping a diary right now, can't do it.  However, my emails and doctor appointments I keep in an appointment book. 

3.         As the day goes on, take note of any restlessness or agitation you may be feeling, but don't do anything to change it.  Simply let your experience develop gracefully.


4.         Be willing to notice and fully experience your emotional feelings:

                 >     Do you feel guilty about not doing anything?

                 >     Does shame come up?

                 >     Is there something that makes you angry?

                 >     Is sadness your primary response?

                 >     Did you experience moments of bliss and joy?

            >          Is it scary to just be?


5.         Pay attention to exactly what you would like to do to fill the empty spaces, or to handle the agitation, or to shift the emotions you're feeling:

                 >     Do you have an urge to eat or to drink something?

                 >     Do you want to do anything that will keep your hands busy?

     >     Do you have a longing to pick up the phone and talk to someone--anyone?

                 >     Do you want to start a "meaningful" project?


6.         Hang in there with all these feelings and thoughts that come up during the day.  Just allow them to be, and accept them fully.  See if they sometimes change to something deeper. For instance, anger may change to sadness, and sadness may change to fear.  You may be able to learn some of the truths behind the feelings that are beginning to surface.  They are you.  All these feelings are you speaking out about your inner needs and dissatisfactions.


7.         Have there been moments during this day when you perceived something rich and comfortable and peaceful inside yourself welling up to fill the emptiness?

¨      In moments of inner quiet, call to the part of yourself that is your spirit, your True Self, your deep Self.

¨      Ask that part of yourself to come forward.  To come to consciousness.

¨      Ask your True Self to speak clearly to you.  To give you guidance about filling the emptiness you feel from within yourself.


8.         Remember, your True Self, your spirit, is the only real place to find that overflowing fullness.

¨      Touch your spirit as often as possible.  Call upon it at those moments during the day when you would normally reach for something outside yourself to fill the emptiness.

¨      Instead of eating, or drinking, or avoiding, just be with yourself and let your inner wisdom move you.

9.         Since this is a difficult thing to do by yourself, perhaps you can ask someone to help you find this deeper part of yourself.  This coming to know oneself is the work of a lifetime, and the only meaningful work for your soul.


  1. 10.       Plan to repeat this exercise at regular intervals, such as during each of the two solstices and equinoxes of the year, or four times a year. s.  It will make explicit the effects of interactions between personalities from the perspective of the impersonal energy dynamics that they set into motion, and it will show how these dynamics can be used to heal.

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Sincerest Rebecca Burett


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